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Each member of our Advisory Group has over 10+ years of experience in their field of expertise. Led by Michael Ferris, with 24 years of experience in post-acute healthcare, you will be well served by experts that can best meet your needs. 


Why Us?

Most organizations in our industry are not good at using consultants. Many lack the ability to execute on the recommendations made by consultants. We are able to provide you with the outside viewpoint to enable you to maintain the long-term strategic vision and empower the implementation of best practices. We earn your business every day, month and year by making sure you are on the right course, implementing necessary changes and monitoring results.


Our Approach


We’re Strategic Advisors, not consultants. In most cases we work with a monthly retainer to advise our clients on the strategies necessary to survive and thrive in today’s complex healthcare arena. We will do an assessment of your organization, identify areas for focus, perform a gap analysis and work with you to implement a plan. To the extent your organization lacks the subject matter expertise or simply don’t have the bandwidth, we will help you identify the best consultants for the specific need.

We’re there to identify the strategic focus, identify gaps, find any necessary help to aid in the plan execution, oversee any consulting relationships to make sure projects are completed on time and budget. Our involvement is continual, and we are available as needed to provide the strategic advisory services to the senior leadership, board of directors or health system.


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Book info:

Definitive Guide to Healthcare Sales: Achieve Superstar Sales Success written by Michael Ferris is the first book to provide an actionable guide for the healthcare sales professional selling post-acute and pre-acute services. If you are currently selling in this space or considering a career in healthcare sales, you need to own this book!

Healthcare organizations should arm each of their sales professionals with a copy to use on a day in, day out basis in the field. Decades of sales experience in the space, what works today and what does not, make this a must have for your sales team. 

If you sell any post-acute or pre-acute service lines, this book was written for you.

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