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Customized Live Remote Hospice Sales Training

High Return on Investment Remote Live Training

Designed to deliver targeted results aligned with hospice organization goals and strategic objectives. 


Hardwire Sales Best Practices – Execute Sales Campaigns to Drive Results 

Overview of Course: 

This course is designed to educate the sales team on consultative selling using a customized pre-defined sales campaign. It hardwires best practice sales skills while delivering an immediate boost in admissions that are strategically aligned with current organizational goals and objectives. 

During this customized session, we’ll kick-off a sales campaign and learn the value propositions, questions to ask, how to present the solution, handle objections and develop long term sustainable sales skills. Lecture with group activities. Each sales professional will have a plan to execute following each session.

Each sales team member receives a copy of  “Definitive Guide to Hospice Sales”  with pre-course homework assignments complete with test for comprehension and to validate completion.

Audience: Hospice Sales Team (limited to 20 attendees)

Duration: 2 Hour (Live Class) requires pre-course conference call with sales leadership to determine focus of sales campaign (example: specialty program, disease specific, etc.), pre-course homework with quiz and post course scorecard to measure results.

Pricing:  Fees start at $1195 (5 students) plus $75 per additional sales professional for one session.  Four pack (allows for training every 60 - 90 days) is $4,250 (5 students) plus $100 per additional sales professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

See below - next section of page.

What are the tech requirements?

Group in one location requires LCD projector and conference phone plus flip charts for group activities.

Individual student access requires laptop or tablet and phone to access the Live Webinar.

What are the benefits to having our team in one location for the training?

Group activities are conducted in groups or 2-3 students and shared with expert trainer and class.


How Does the Live Webinar Training Work?

The Live Webinar Process:

1)  Order the course for the number of sales people being trained.

2)  Healthcare Strategica will schedule an initial call to discuss your specific goals. Some examples would include:

          a.  Grow disease specific hospice and palliative care services, i.e. CHF, COPD, Neuro, Parkinson’s, etc.

          b. Growth with a particular type of referral partner, i.e. ALFs, Physician Practices, etc.

          c. Increase ALOS

          d. Improve payer mix

          e. Any other current organizational goals and objectives

3)  Healthcare Strategica will develop a completely customized sales campaign that hardwires the consultative sales approach to deliver the results you defined in the discussion around your goals.

4)  Schedule the training event for your team. The course is designed to complete in two hours. We recommend scheduling a two and one-half hour (150 minutes) block of time to allow for any additional questions or discussion or technical glitches.

5)  Healthcare Strategica will ship one copy for each sales professional of the Definitive Guide to Hospice Sales and homework assignments to read the specific sections of the book to prepare the team ahead of the Live Webinar training. The homework includes customized quizzes to test for understanding, comprehension and completion. We recommend allowing at least three to four weeks to receive books and complete the homework and quizzes before the date of the Live Webinar. 

6)  You will receive an update prior to training showing the quiz results and completion rate for each member of your team.

7)  Depending upon how your team will be accessing the Live Webinar, we will coordinate with you the technical requirements. 

          a.  We recommend that you have the team all in the same room with a LCD projector and screen plus a conference phone. If your team is in one location the program will include group activities that the Healthcare Strategica training expert will facilitate and provide live coaching. 

         b.  If your sales team is accessing the Live Webinar from different locations, they will need a laptop or tablet device and a phone. Our training expert will help the individuals work individually on the exercises and provide live coaching, drive the sales team’s participation and answer questions. 

8)  At the end of the Live Webinar, each sales professional will have their own sales campaign, targeted accounts and a plan to execute.

9)  You will receive a scorecard tool to measure the success of this training and monitor each of the sales team members success.

10)  Healthcare Strategica will schedule a follow up call with sales leadership to review the successes and answer any questions and provide insights into driving strategic growth.

We offer three options:


1) Single session – most popular choice to start. Fees are $1195 for the first 1-5 students and $75 for each additional student. This is all inclusive and delivers a customized Live Webinar training event.

2) Four pack of sessions – this allows for a new sales campaign to be created, trained and launched each 60 to 90 days. Fees are $4,250 for the first 1-5 students and $75 for each additional student. This is all inclusive and delivers a customized Live Webinar training event every 60 to 90 days.

3) On-site training with three follow up sessions – choose either a one-day on-site training plus three Live Webinars or a two-day on-site plus three Live Webinars. Fees are:

One Day On-site (one trainer) plus three Live Webinars is $5250 (1-5 students) plus $125 for each additional student plus travel time and expenses. 

Two Day On-site (one trainer) plus three Live Webinars is $6950 (1-5 students) plus $125 for each additional student plus travel time and expenses.

This provides your team with:

a. Preliminary Conference Call with Sales Leadership to understand the goals and objectives for this training.

b. Conference Call with Sales Team to gain their buy-in to the training and allow them to express their greatest challenges and goals for the training.

c. Definitive Guides plus Homework before the on-site training. You receive a report of the quiz results and completion rate by sales team member.

d. On-site Hospice Sales Training conducted by Michael Ferris, the national expert in hospice sales training. Training includes sales process, our value proposition, asking intelligent questions, presenting solutions, asking for commitment, handling objections and time and territory management. Group activities and role plays are included. (Playmaker Health users will see their training conducted using the Playmaker Solution and TargetWatch market intelligence data.) 

e. Scorecard to Measure Success and to provide additional strategic growth advice. 

Choose the solution that is best for your team and your strategic growth plans and budget. Call us today at 919.260.3315 to discuss or email at michael@healthcarestrategica.com or simply order the Live Webinar package that’s best for you and we’ll contact you and get the process started.

Special Offer for Prior Purchasers of the Definitive Guide to Hospice Sales:


If you have purchased this book(s), we will credit you for the price you paid for the books (excluding freight). Example: If you previously purchased five books for $299 and want to have a training for eight students, your fees would be $1195 (first five students) + $225 (additional three students) = $1420 minus $299 for a total cost of $1121. 

To take advantage of this offer you must email michael@healthcarestrategica.com with the number of books you purchased and the name they were purchased under. We will issue you a custom link to purchase the course at your special discounted price. Note: each student needs to have their own copy of the book, so if you need some replaced, we will factor that into your special price.

Why Did Healthcare Strategica Create this New Approach to Hospice Sales Training?


1)  Because it works!

2)  To deliver the best practice hospice sales training at the lowest cost.

3)  To provide an ongoing training relationship that gives your team a new campaign, refresher course, new tactics and a kick start to each quarter of the year. 

Healthcare Strategica wants to be your Hospice Strategic Growth partner and maintain a long-term relationship versus the come, train and go process.

Contact us today to discuss how this will work for you to deliver sustainable growth in the most economic fashion.

Email:  michael@healthcarestrategica.com 

Call:  919.260.3315